Our Ethos

So Why Us?

If you thought about it, you could probably immediately think of at least half a dozen places to go to arrange your mortgage.  Banks, building societies, estate agents, other mortgage brokers. So why do our clients keep coming back to us, and referring their friends and family?

The answer is in the way we run our business.

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With us, it’s personal.

We are not a “sausage machine” operation. We prefer to handle fewer cases and give these cases our undivided focus. Many other mortgage arrangers have such high staffing costs and overheads that they are under tremendous pressure to write large volumes of business. Instead, we have the time to ensure a consistently high standard of service.

As a client of The Mulberry Mortgage Company, you will be dealing with the same consultant throughout. You’ll be able to contact them via personal email address or telephone number. No holding for call centres and dealing with a different person each time you call.


Acting for your best interests.

We’re here to give you the most appropriate advice for your circumstances, whether there’s anything in it for us or not. Sound unusual? There may be times when you are better off staying with your existing lender than remortgaging, for example. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know, and it won’t have cost you anything to find out. Either way, we will always tell you exactly why we are making a recommendation, backing it up with numbers in black and white, and always framing it within the needs and priorities you give us.


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When’s good for you?

We will see you when YOU are free. No more rushing from work to make afternoon appointments or queuing in stuffy branches. We can make appointments to see you at your home or workplace, and evening and weekend appointments are no problem. For most people, taking out a mortgage is the biggest financial decision they’ll ever make. So if you have an appointment with us, and decide you need time to think things through (and let’s face it, what sensible person wouldn’t?), that’s what you’ll get. You won’t get harassed with phone calls hurrying you into things- you call us again when you need us. This is something our clients tell us is not always the case when dealing with other companies.

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